within reach: stems

contents of the small glass vase © kjm

[within reach is a series of photographs examining the environment of home in detail]


as seen: 68

fallen headstone, beaver island, mi © kjm


phone home

room 409 (which ironically was not that clean) ludington, mi © kjm

I've been on the road a lot lately.


matt eich on collect.give

Elvis the Zebra © Matt Eich

Matt Eich offered this lovely image this week on collect.give. Matt is one of the founders of LUCEO, a collective of incredibly talented young shooters (I've written before here about the work of Kevin German here before). Matt pledges 100% of proceeds to the organization Critical Exposure, with specific hopes to buy a quality digital camera for a group of inspired young students. In many ways, Matt (who's 24) represents the future of photojournalism (yes, there is one) in hard times. And through his collect.give pledge, he's looking a little further down the path.


new rich

© kjm

A group of us headed north last week to The Poor Farm, an exhibition and learning space created by Chicago artists and educators Michelle Grabner and Brad Killam. The huge, old building is a work in progress, both physically and creatively. From the 1870's to the 1930's, it housed destitute individuals who worked on the adjacent farm. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writer Mary Louise Schumacher has, and will be writing about the unique art space. While we were there, she was compiling components for a future multimedia piece, so stay tuned.

(Re: these images: I may be the last photographer with a phone to get the CameraBag app. And I love it, especially since I haven't shot with a square format camera in about 20 years.)


stella kalaw on collect.give

After the Birthday Party © Stella Kalaw

Stella Kalaw has offered a print on collect.give - with very personal connections to her niece, who suffered a stroke at birth. Her photograph, above, was taken after one of her niece's birthday parties, and Stella has pledged 100% of the proceeds to The Guidance Center, which was central to her treatment following the stroke.



at that Starbucks in Seattle after crossing the very busy road by our hotel, sort of near the space needle
© kjm

Nine things intended to make Marilu smile on the anniversary of our first date:

American Woman.
You have two hands.
Sweetest of peas.
Don't do that.
Blah, blah, blah.
The ol' noggin.


bear bidding

Polar Bears, 2008 © Colleen Plumb

The Milwaukee Art Museum Photography Council held it's inaugural benefit last night, with curator Lisa Hostetler at the helm and lots of great items in the silent auction. The hardworking members of the Photography Council (note: Milwaukee is a great photography city!) included photographers Sonja Thomsen, Lindsay Lochman and Mel Trittin. And the crowd was full of interesting creatives: Photographers Jason Reblando, Shimon and Lindemann, Bob Smith, Sarah McEneany, Aron Gent and Tara Bogart, designers Patrick and Libby Castro, gallerist Deb Brehmer and Andy Adams of Flak Photo. Marilu and I were lucky to be the high bidders on the wonderful Colleen Plumb picture, above.

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within reach: fragile landscape

dried kale leaf © kjm

... and this, from the depths of the refrigerator - Marilu identified the near-petrified leaves as kale.

[within reach is a series of photographs examining the environment of home in detail]