dead bee on the travel section © kjm

[within reach is a series of photographs examining the environment of home in detail]


as seen: air guitar

guitar shop parking lot © kjm


as seen: stop/shop

tourism sign, highway m22 © kjm


as seen: lone pine

tree near Harbor Springs © kjm


as seen: windowsill church

window, Red Fox Inn Bookstore © kjm


as seen: farmette

toy farm, Traverse City © kjm



© Adam Amengual, Mark Hartman, Randal Ford, Timothy Devine, Melissa Golden, Adam Golfer, Michael Rubenstein, Robin Twomey, Billy Delfs and Adam Krause

I've known Kate Osba for some time, as a picture editor who has hired me for portrait assignments. A few weeks ago, I met her in person for the first time, while schlepping my editorial portfolio in New York. I learned that Kate's blog, This Is The What, is a great source of photographer interviews (more than 40) which she frames as "10 Minutes With..." There are photographers I'm already a fan of, like Daniel Shea, Matt Eich, Robin Twomey and Michael Rubenstein - and others, whose work is new to me: Andrew Querner, Randal Ford, Adam Amengual, Adam Krause.

You can read all the interviews here, including 10 new minutes by yours truly.


the chain

nineteen blue things i didn't know i had © kjm; © Simon Winnall

I'm thrilled to have been included in The Chain, the latest online curatorial project by Stuart Pilkington. Participants were asked to submit a theme, which would then be sent to another photographer. The theme I put forward was 'Make an image that references your earliest childhood memory,' to which the British photographer Simon Winnall made the photograph, above.

I was given the the phrase "Go for blue," which had me scratching my head for a few days. I actually don't really like the color, but as a result started noticing how much blue was within the reach of my home environment. I began gathering things and result is this little still life. A departure for me, but incredibly fun to assemble and shoot.

You can see all the work here.