South Blue Lake © kjm

The scrawled items on the list on my desk are nearly illegible. The list contains words that make no sense living in such close proximity: Cous cous. Alarm. Dr. Bronner's. Bank. Socks? Triennial. Charger. Bills.

I'm going on vacation tomorrow, and many of the list items pertain to that, while others are real life, business-type items which will have to wait for my return. In the meantime, I'll be paddling a canoe through pristine lakes, enjoying the company of close friends, and hopefully not having a reverse nervous breakdown from being away from illuminated screens. In addition to the cous cous and socks, I'm bringing along Michael Pollan's In Defense Of Food, which I hope to devour (sorry), a blank notebook, and (gasp) no camera.

I'll be back in about a week, relaxed and recharged, and ready to stare down that list. See you soon.


as seen: over, under

discarded napkin that resembles a cloud © kjm


i love this photo, #32

Orange Tree / 2009
© Eric William Carroll

I love this photo by the photographer Eric William Carroll. It's one of many beautiful images in the Michael Mazzeo Gallery online exhibition, Arbor.

In the online exhibit, Carroll states, "My images begin at 1:1 scale. I use large, wallpaper-like sheets of light sensitive paper to capture my subject's shadows. My slow, camera-less process is the antithesis of contemporary photographic technology. I am interested in distilling photograph to it's most basic elements of light and timing, in an attempt to minimize form through long exposures. Everyday objects, spaces, and moments are frequent subjects. My art stands as a reminder that human experience, and our memories of it, are transitory and intangible."


fast and loose

Highway 51 Location, #2 © kjm

One from June that I overlooked while editing.


i love this photo, #31

© Pamela Pecchio

I love this photo by the photographer Pamela Pecchio. I'm really drawn to a lot of her work, especially her series Habitation. But this photograph is taken from her series Landscape, of which she says, "... the photographs are made from the place where we often experience the landscape, inside our living spaces. This particular photo was made in Baton Rouge, LA and is of a live oak tree in a park, through the passenger side window of my car. The window was actually covered in sap."

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as seen: mend

tailor shop window © kjm

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within reach: fake

vegetarian barbeque rib sauce © kjm

[within reach is a series of photographs examining the environment of home in detail]


after class

red napkin on book © kjm


front row

Homer Adams Parkway Location, #1 © kjm


class picture

© kjm

Well, the first day of the Professional Practices class seemed to go well - the students seemed engaged, and I saw no signs of a coup (yet). As part of the class, we'll have a blog, to which students will be posting work, and reading online interviews with photographers and industry professionals.

I went a little crazy in compiling the list, and there are now 201 interview links!, and we'll be posting our own interviews as well. The first assignment for the blog was to post a favorite photograph made over the summer. Please stop by to see these and future pictures by the students, as well as to poke around the interview link list.