time sensitive

© Capucine Bailly, Kelly Shimoda, Neil Harris, and Paul Fittipaldi

Kelly Shimoda emailed today, noting the end of 2008, a year in which she and three photographer friends collaborated on a daily photography blog. It's called Three O'Clock is Always Too Late Or Too Early For Anything You Want To Do, and it's a wonderful collection of photos. I only made it through a month or so, and found all of the gems above.


vacation view

Priests looking at ruins, Rome, Italy © Stanley Marcus, left; Looking at the R.C.A. Building at Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. © Louis Faurer, right

After one last, fun editorial job on the 23rd, and more wintery weather, I'm now fully in vacation mode. That means hanging around at Marilu's brother's house in Houston this week, eating, watching lots of movies, shopping, and museum-going. Very little brain activity has been directed towards work, email, the laptop, or picture-making. But two inspirational finds in book form: a Louis Faurer book at the Museum of Fine Arts bookstore, and a copy of Reflections Of A Man at Neiman Marcus.

The coming week? On to Phoenix, and more of the same.


within reach: curl

picture of steve hanging in the studio © kjm

[within reach is a series of photographs examining the environment of home in detail]



little assemblage, ke'e beach
© kjm

I've had some less-than-great weather karma lately. First, snow caused the one-day delay in getting to Hawaii; then it rained for most of my week on Kauai (but the shoot was still a success); and due to another snowstorm in Milwaukee, it took me 24 hours to get home.

I normally love traveling at this time of year, because the holidays mean that airports have a little extra buzz. People are a little more excited to be arriving and departing, and I never tire of the sight of old people happily greeting younger versions of themselves. But when I got off the plane today in Milwaukee (where the storm had shut down the airport) everyone just looked tired. The baggage carousel was spitting out ridiculous amounts of backed up luggage (mine never showed), and travelers, four people deep, were diving for their moving bags with the panic of a shoe-dodging President.

But not to complain, of course, and I'm home now. The furnace is warming the place back up and there's a foot of fresh snow outside.



sky for patrick and his family
© kjm


as seen: just go

(working) stop sign, hanalei, kauai © kjm


as seen: little prince

historical marker in the rain, princeville, kauai © kjm


gathering family

painting by auntie fusa in millie's guest bedroom © kjm

I had just two nights on the Big Island to visit relatives, but it turns out it was enough time to see a lot of family. In Kona, relatives from both sides of my Mom's family gathered at cousin Millie's house. In Hilo, my Dad's sister, auntie Lyn, corralled her whole clan to meet up for dinner. In both cases, there were cute little kids running around - the next generation of the families. It reminded me of our early visits to Hawaii, when we were young. There was always lots of food around, everyone in the room looked vaguely familiar, and the adults talked late into the night.


this is hawaii

flying from Honolulu to Kona © kjm

A much better window view.


this is not hawaii

© kjm

Rather, it's an iPhone snap of my airplane window in the process of de-icing. I ended up missing my connection to Hawaii yesterday, but fortunately had some quality time in Minneapolis with Cheryl, Mark and Supernephew Kale.

At the airport again this morning. Much better weather. Fingers once again crossed.


good, bad, ugly

© Amy Eckert, from the series, Manufacturing Home

Good: Andy Adams posted a photo of mine today on Flak Photo, from my Critical Mass submission.

Bad: I was thrilled to make the Critical Mass first round cuts, but alas, didn't make it to the final 50. It's a fantastic group of photographers, and I'm just happy to have been a part of it. I'm still combing through the disc of all the entrants (only up to the F names), which is really enjoyable. Lots of photographers whose work I hadn't seen before, including Amy Eckert's, above.

Good: I'm headed to Kauai today for an assignment, and for a brief visit on the Big Island prior to see family.

Ugly: It's a lousy day here in Milwaukee, with rainy, sleety, snowy and icy conditions. Keeping all the fingers crossed that I'll get out this morning.


within reach: plucked

grape stem against the Ikea light in the kitchen © kjm

[within reach is a series of photographs examining the environment of home in detail]


within reach: crash

broken dish on the kitchen floor © kjm

[within reach is a series of photographs examining the environment of home in detail]



Coon Rapids Blvd. Location © kjm

I don't see too many abandoned White Castles, but was told about this one today while shooting an assignment in Minnesota.



Starting this Friday, I'll have work in a group show, Big, Big Bangs / Small, Small Bucks at the Dean Jensen Gallery in Milwaukee. I'm pleased to be part of the show, which includes some of my favorite Milwaukee artists, as well as some from afar: Santiago Cucullu, Katie Martin, Susana Raab, Tema Stauffer, Lynn Tomaszewski, Sonja Thomsen and Jason Yi. There are 40 artists in the show, over 100 pieces, and all the artwork is priced at $750 or less.