Coon Rapids Blvd. Location © kjm

I don't see too many abandoned White Castles, but was told about this one today while shooting an assignment in Minnesota.


DonW said...

I've had one or two bad experiences with White Castle, so I can't say I'm too sad to see one go. :-)

Ryan Schierling said...

I ate White Castle for the first time in college, 20 years ago in Kansas City. It was a marginal experience. Over those 20 years, however, I built up that memory into something fabulous and looked forward to the next time I could eat sliders. This summer, I had White Castle for the second time while traveling the midwest.

Needless to say it did not live up to the fantasy, and it will be (at least) another 20 years before I eat White Castle again. Thankfully, there are no locations even remotely near the Pacific Northwest.