as seen: crackerbox

discarded Cheez-It box © kjm


as seen: form

Mold-A-Rama of the Rosa Parks bus © kjm

I recently did a shoot at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, a terrific, sprawling place, which I'd love to revisit with Marilu at some point. Highlights were a ride in an open-top Model-T and the museum's Driving America exhibition, which included cars of all makes, not just Fords. They have a wide-ranging, interesting collection, which includes a mid-century modern furniture exhibit, an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, the first Honda Accord to come off the production line, the chair that Lincoln was assassinated in, and the Rosa Parks bus. The bus was beautifully restored, and I was told that President Obama recently toured it. With little time to really see any of it (I'll be back), I settled for a Mold-A-Rama version of the bus on my way out. Maybe the machine was still warming up, because it spat out a bus that was distorted and crushed, looking like it had been through, well, a riot. American history in the form of green, molded plastic.