as seen: kings

Room 306 of the Lorraine Motel, left, Jungle Room at Graceland, right © kjm


as seen: sweet

sugar cane plant, New Iberia, LA © kjm


fast break

Highway 59 Location, #3 © kjm

Slammed on the brakes to stop for this one while driving through north Texas with Marilu.


as seen: dashed

storefront, Hope, Arkansas © kjm


as seen: voyage

Little Rock b&b © kjm


as seen: i am here

© kjm


i love this photo, #39

Oakland, California, 2010 © Noah Beil

I love this photo by Noah Beil, included in the Fraction Magazine Holiday Print Sale. It's sort of a perfect, crammed composition that reminds me of a contemporary version of a Stephen Shore photograph from Uncommon Places. Lots of great pictures to be had in the Fraction sale, including some items for sale to benefit CENTER, so be sure to pay a visit.

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as seen: mountain view

sign, Ashford, Washington © kjm



South 9th Street Location, #1 © kjm



Today is the one year anniversary of collect.give!

I'm thrilled that such a talented group of photographers have contributed their photographs and time to the project: Jane Fulton Alt, Jonathan Blaustein, Mark Brautigam, Barbara Ciurej, Amy Eckert, Matt Eich, Jon Feinstein, Sarina Finkelstein, Elizabeth Fleming, Max Gerber, Ben Huff, Dave Jordano, Stella Kalaw, Melissa Kaseman, David Leventi, Lindsay Lochman, John Loomis, Kerry Mansfield, Mark Menjivar, Annie Marie Musselman, Susana Raab, Ellen Rennard, Dalton Rooney, Kelly Shimoda, Emily Shur, Allison V. Smith, Aline Smithson, Brea Souders, Lacey Terrell, Sonja Thomsen and David Wright.

We have slowly, but surely raised over $17,000 for 30 different causes, all dear to the hearts of the contributing artists. And we're not slowing down: Yesterday, we had our second busiest day ever, with 1200 visits to the site. All this week, we're giving away great gifts to those who purchase prints - see the details here. And we have a list of talented artists who'll be contributing to the site in 2011.

Thanks to the photographers, the collectors, and to anyone who's simply stopped by and learned about the great organizations spotlighted.