as seen: access

church door stopper, Ke'anae, Hawaii © kjm


as seen: poke

acupuncture clinic, Little Tokyo © kjm


as seen: ichi-gatsu

restaurant wall, Little Tokyo © kjm


as seen: find

bakery interior, Mackinaw City © kjm

I found this picture, which I had forgotten about, while searching for contest images from 2012. This was taken about halfway through my trip around the perimeter of Lake Michigan.


perimeter opens

Mauka, Makai, 2012

I'm thrilled that the Perimeter project is now on view at the Haggerty Museum of Art in Milwaukee. The installation includes fifty 24x20" portraits and forty-eight 20x24" waterscapes in a single room at the museum. It will be on view through May 19, 2013.  More information can be found here: kevinmiyazaki.com/perimeter


as seen: red

Tom's dining room © kjm