little assemblage, ke'e beach
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I've had some less-than-great weather karma lately. First, snow caused the one-day delay in getting to Hawaii; then it rained for most of my week on Kauai (but the shoot was still a success); and due to another snowstorm in Milwaukee, it took me 24 hours to get home.

I normally love traveling at this time of year, because the holidays mean that airports have a little extra buzz. People are a little more excited to be arriving and departing, and I never tire of the sight of old people happily greeting younger versions of themselves. But when I got off the plane today in Milwaukee (where the storm had shut down the airport) everyone just looked tired. The baggage carousel was spitting out ridiculous amounts of backed up luggage (mine never showed), and travelers, four people deep, were diving for their moving bags with the panic of a shoe-dodging President.

But not to complain, of course, and I'm home now. The furnace is warming the place back up and there's a foot of fresh snow outside.

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Ryan Schierling said...

I think everyone's weather karma has been sub-par lately. We're getting socked here in Seattle.