gathering family

painting by auntie fusa in millie's guest bedroom © kjm

I had just two nights on the Big Island to visit relatives, but it turns out it was enough time to see a lot of family. In Kona, relatives from both sides of my Mom's family gathered at cousin Millie's house. In Hilo, my Dad's sister, auntie Lyn, corralled her whole clan to meet up for dinner. In both cases, there were cute little kids running around - the next generation of the families. It reminded me of our early visits to Hawaii, when we were young. There was always lots of food around, everyone in the room looked vaguely familiar, and the adults talked late into the night.

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Ronnie Ruiz said...

your words remind me of my early years on the farm in Michigan when family would come from all around for special events, thanks for bringing that back to me on this very frigid Montana night! :)