good, bad, ugly

© Amy Eckert, from the series, Manufacturing Home

Good: Andy Adams posted a photo of mine today on Flak Photo, from my Critical Mass submission.

Bad: I was thrilled to make the Critical Mass first round cuts, but alas, didn't make it to the final 50. It's a fantastic group of photographers, and I'm just happy to have been a part of it. I'm still combing through the disc of all the entrants (only up to the F names), which is really enjoyable. Lots of photographers whose work I hadn't seen before, including Amy Eckert's, above.

Good: I'm headed to Kauai today for an assignment, and for a brief visit on the Big Island prior to see family.

Ugly: It's a lousy day here in Milwaukee, with rainy, sleety, snowy and icy conditions. Keeping all the fingers crossed that I'll get out this morning.

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