vacation view

Priests looking at ruins, Rome, Italy © Stanley Marcus, left; Looking at the R.C.A. Building at Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. © Louis Faurer, right

After one last, fun editorial job on the 23rd, and more wintery weather, I'm now fully in vacation mode. That means hanging around at Marilu's brother's house in Houston this week, eating, watching lots of movies, shopping, and museum-going. Very little brain activity has been directed towards work, email, the laptop, or picture-making. But two inspirational finds in book form: a Louis Faurer book at the Museum of Fine Arts bookstore, and a copy of Reflections Of A Man at Neiman Marcus.

The coming week? On to Phoenix, and more of the same.


jt said...

I received Reflection of a Man as a Christmas gift this year. Great book!

avs said...

most excellent! thanks for blogging about it!