South Blue Lake © kjm

The scrawled items on the list on my desk are nearly illegible. The list contains words that make no sense living in such close proximity: Cous cous. Alarm. Dr. Bronner's. Bank. Socks? Triennial. Charger. Bills.

I'm going on vacation tomorrow, and many of the list items pertain to that, while others are real life, business-type items which will have to wait for my return. In the meantime, I'll be paddling a canoe through pristine lakes, enjoying the company of close friends, and hopefully not having a reverse nervous breakdown from being away from illuminated screens. In addition to the cous cous and socks, I'm bringing along Michael Pollan's In Defense Of Food, which I hope to devour (sorry), a blank notebook, and (gasp) no camera.

I'll be back in about a week, relaxed and recharged, and ready to stare down that list. See you soon.

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