sans camera

(partial map of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area)

Something I saw last week that I wished I'd been able to photograph: A closed-down Hardee's in Two Harbors, Minnesota.

Something I saw that would have made a wonderful stock photo: My friend Andy paddling his kayak, silhouetted in the sun and water.

Something that occurred, that no photo would have done justice to (ok, maybe video): A sustained wind for 20 hours, gusting to 50 mph, that kept us stuck on a rocky island for an extra day.

Something I experienced last week that I didn't need to photograph to appreciate: On the last morning of our 5-day trip, a short, solo canoe paddle in the early morning mist.

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Mel Trittin said...

I was thinking of you when that temperature/season change came riding 50MPH winds. Glad you made it safely home.