© Adam Amengual, Mark Hartman, Randal Ford, Timothy Devine, Melissa Golden, Adam Golfer, Michael Rubenstein, Robin Twomey, Billy Delfs and Adam Krause

I've known Kate Osba for some time, as a picture editor who has hired me for portrait assignments. A few weeks ago, I met her in person for the first time, while schlepping my editorial portfolio in New York. I learned that Kate's blog, This Is The What, is a great source of photographer interviews (more than 40) which she frames as "10 Minutes With..." There are photographers I'm already a fan of, like Daniel Shea, Matt Eich, Robin Twomey and Michael Rubenstein - and others, whose work is new to me: Andrew Querner, Randal Ford, Adam Amengual, Adam Krause.

You can read all the interviews here, including 10 new minutes by yours truly.

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