i love this photo, #2

©Scott Peterman

I love this photo by the photographer Scott Peterman. I was only aware of his work this week, but I read about him in two different places. The first was a story about Portfolio, the new Conde Nast business magazine, and how his photo was chosen for it's first cover. The second reference was in the PDN Annual, which just thumped on my doorstep today. His book, titled "Scott Peterman" (sort of like a first album?), was featured in the photo book category.

The work reminds me of a project photographing garage forms by Steven D. Foster.

©Steven D. Foster

Each of Steve's images are only a few inches wide, and are traditional darkroom prints. When I first saw the work a few years ago, I couldn't stop marveling at the gorgeous quality of the prints themselves. I would have loved to be in the darkroom watching Steve print this little marvels. Mostly, I admire how Steve is celebrating common forms here, seeing something beautiful in what most of us can't see.

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