i love this photo, #9

© kaylynn deveney

I love this photo by the photographer KayLynn Deveney. On a bit of a stressful morning, this photograph was a welcome smile.

I hadn't known of her work, but read a review of her new book, "The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings," this morning on 5B4. Her subject was a neighbor of KayLynn and her husband when they lived in Wales, and she shared photos with him during the process - asking him to share his thoughts in the form of captions for the photos. Also included in the book (which I've yet to see) are Albert's drawings, poems, and family photos.

As photographers, we're used to taking more than giving in our process of making pictures. In this case, though, the act of sharing - both ideas and visual space - seems effective and appropriate.

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Anonymous said...

I saw this show at the Museum of Contemporay Photography (Columbia College, Chicago) and also loved this photo (and the entire show) very much. The one of him sunbathing is charming too.