don't miss it, #2: powerful scribbles

©dan perjovschi

During the one-day family reunion stop in NYC recently, I was able to see a great installation at MoMA by the artist Dan Perjovschi. Marilu and I had seen his work at the Istanbul Biennial in 2005. That work was shown in a raw, unfinished industrial space, and the drawings had a very underground, visceral presence. But at MoMA, Perjovschi's drawings (up until August 27th) run from floor to ceiling (a four-story high wall) in the museum's atrium space. It happened to be a free afternoon at MoMA, so there was a big crowd there. The work is meaningful, direct, and uniquely accessible. From the upper floor overlook, I watched as a mass of people stood still, looking up, smiling, nodding, pointing, and laughing.

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