papa was a rolling stone

While scanning some old slides today for an upcoming family reunion, I came across this wonderful picture of my mom, dad, and sister Cheryl. It's likely taken on a Minnesota lake, and I love the obvious things: how happy my folks look; my mom's hipster shades, and how her jeans are rolled up; the fact that my dad, who I never saw with a cigarette, is dangling one from his mouth like Keith Richards.

Finding this photo really made my day. At some point, you assume that you've seen all the old family photos, so a new discovery is an exciting thing. It's for this reason that I take rather seriously the act of photographing my friends' kids and families. A simple family photo I take may some day bring a child or grandchild the same happy surprise I felt today.


Fabien Penso said...

You really look like him in fact. Great frame.

Anonymous said...

Kevin--I loved this in a personal way, having had the pleasure to meet all of the above. I don't remember your dad being so cool (he was always so serious--strong and mysterious), and Lucy was so much of an influence to my early years--this is a side of her I am pleased to finally share. Keep digging bro-