tinytinygroupshow, #2

Since the first tinytinygroupshow was a success (no damaged artwork, no sales, no lawsuits), here's the second show, just in time for your weekend. The theme: Room Rate

Note: you might need to click on your screen once more to enlarge the show)

[ tinytinygroupshow is a mini electroexhibit of photographs based around a basic theme. There are no gallery hours, price lists, commissions, lengthy wall texts, or attractive gallery assistants. There will be no openings, so please don't ask for free wine and cheese. tinytinygroupshow is merely a place to have a brief look at some photography, by photographers known and unknown, in a manner that hopefully provokes thought. ]

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Mel Trittin said...

Bravo again! And we'll leave a light on for ya.

Back before I started photographing I had the misfortune of having car trouble (Stranded) in Kansas City on New Years Day. The only place we could get to was the Blue Bird Motel "featuring rest stop rates". One of the room's furnishings was a metal desk,with a portable TV sitting on it, that had been painted . Around the TV, so it sat framed in turquoise brush strokes. I'd like to think if I had shot it, that image might have made it into your show. It is certainly burned in my memory.