it's not just a stick, uncle kevin

Zenya's Slingshot ©kjm

I had a great visit with my brother Kurt, his partner Ruth, + my SuperNephew Zenya in Yellow Springs this weekend. Here's a picture, inspired by Timothy Archibald's recent pictures of his son's world, posted on his blog. I've always been a fan of Archibald's editorial work, and his blog seems like a fun diversion to more personal work.


Anonymous said...

"It's a very powerful slingshot, uncle kevin. I found it near a pine tree. I tied a rubber band to each side that was cut. That was all I have to say, uncle Kevin."

Zenya, and Kurt, too.

Timothy Archibald said...

I do love work such as this: it's part collaboration and part being an editor...and the smallest part of it all is the pushing of the button.

Thanks for acknowledging my blogwork, K.