a little sunday worship

On Sunday mornings, Marilu reaches first for Frank Rich's column, and I reach (sadly yet confidently) for the Sunday Styles section. I will always be fascinated with Bill Cunningham's work, but I especially like to start the Sunday Times with the wedding section. Here, for your enjoyment (keep score at home!), are Eight Shallow, Yet Entertaining Categories For Subjects Of The NY Times Wedding Section:

  • Couple Who Looks A Bit Too Much Like Father and Daughter (The Fred & Jeri Thompson Award)
  • Couple Who You'd Actually Enjoy Having Over For Dinner
  • Couple Who Probably Should Have Gone The "Bride Only Photo" Route
  • Heterosexual Couple Who Look Kinda Like a Gay Couple
  • Couple Who Snuck By Without Employment By Morgan Stanley (The Bootstraps Award)
  • Gay Couple Who Look Kinda Like a Heterosexual Couple
  • Couple Whose Mouths Are Exactly The Same (really)
  • Second-Tier Pedigree, But Friends With A Copy Editor Couple

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Mindy said...

Do you still have this Sunday's paper? A new category, inspired by at least three couples, is "Couple who looks a bit too much like brother and sister."