i love this photo, #13

© Dinu Li

I love this photo by the British Chinese photographer Dinu Li. The image is from a series documenting visits with his mother to places in her native China. Here's a description, from the photographer's website: "Uncompromising in my intensified depictions, my primary concern is to stimulate thoughts of our existence and the passing of time. This I reveal by looking at one's identity, memories and life journeys, be it physical or psychological. My work questions both what is revealed in the frame and what is not. "

In looking at the work, I can't help but think that Dinu Li and I share some of the same creative motivations, driven by memory and family. For this reason, finding the photos was a wonderful surprise - and one that was courtesy of the Asian Photography Blog by Ch'ng Yaohong. It's a wonderful site, always showing fresh and interesting work, and encompassing all that is good in the world of photography blogs.

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Thanks for the link to the Asian Photography blog! Atul Loke is featured in one of the posts and worth checking out more. He's got a great eye...