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© mark brautigam

I had a nice talk recently with the photographer Mark Brautigam. Mark also lives in Milwaukee, but I first saw his work on Andy Adams' Flak Photo site. The project On Wisconsin has Mark traveling the state with his 8x10 camera, and making what I find to be quiet, honest pictures.

We talked about projects, day jobs, web presence, big prints, photography sales in galleries, and the virtues of the c-print vs. inkjet. Mark has a new project on the horizon, but the two photos above are new images (seen here first!) from Wisconsin. The woman on the right is sitting in the fire museum in Pestigo, and I love how the details cue you in to how many hours she spends in that spot - the flyswatter, paperback, and space heater all within easy reach.

Trust me, I live here - Mark's photographs feel like Wisconsin.

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