as seen: some time off in gotham

© kjm

This trip to New York was a real, if brief vacation - especially in that I didn't bring the camera backpack or laptop. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that, but I'm rarely sansCanon, and it was liberating to only sling the new point+shoot around my neck.

Some highlights: hanging out with friends Kitty+Charles, Craig+Kim, Phaedra, Mike, and Josh; chatting up top snappers Andrew, Amy, and Q.; drinks with Josiah, Bruce+Amy, and Christine at the swanky Maritime Hotel; some mighty fine hangover food at Cafeteria; good shoptalk with friends at Redux; a sweet show of Kertész polaroids at Silverstein; a serious slice (or three); and lastly, a delightful surprise finding a show by former bandmate Mark Fox at Larissa Goldston.

We're already plotting our next visit...

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