emerging and grateful

Shade Pull In Abandoned Apartment,
from the series Camp Home
© kjm

I was thrilled to find out recently that I was a recipient of a Mary L. Nohl Fund Fellowship, a grant for individual artists living in the Milwaukee area. It's a generous amount of money, which is intended for new or ongoing projects. Some of the funds will be used to travel back to Tule Lake, likely in February, for more work on the Camp Home series. And I'm also planning to do more research and travel for the Fast Food series.

A friend asked why I received a fellowship in the "emerging" artist category (there is also an "established" category), since I had been making pictures for quite a long time. In truth, I've only fairly recently become serious about my personal photography - what I consider my artwork, as opposed to my editorial magazine work. So this news is incredibly encouraging, and comes in a year when I feel like I'm really making some creative progress.


cb said...

Right on! Well-deserved. And you answered my question as well.

Armando said...

Congratulations! Well-deserved indeed.

Christine said...

congratulations! i look forward to reading more about the camp home series!

Greg said...

Kevin, big congrats!
looking forward to seeing the project

Don said...

Congratulations Kevin. The work so far is well deserving. Can't wait to see the future work somewhere down the road.