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It seems there's a slightly chainletterish game of tag going on in the photographerblogworld. The first I read of it was at Liz Kuball's blog and, slow runner that I am, I was recently tagged by Susana Raab. Not to worry, no Nigerian banks are involved.

I'll skip posting the actual rules, but basically, the tagette is supposed to list 7 strange/interesting life facts, and then tag 7 other bloggers to do the same. No pressure, but if you pass it along without breaking the chain, our President turns into a lump of coal. (OK, I just made that part up.)

So here goes:

1. A career test in high school told me I should be a park ranger. A guy in college once asked me to be a drug dealer. I chose instead the lucrative world of freelance editorial photography.

2. I was born with the name Jason, but my parents changed their minds, and I left the hospital as Kevin.

3. I was a member of a fictitious German disco tambourine band (but who wasn't?). It was reported in the press, so it must be true.

4. My nickname in high school, Gooch, came from a reoccuring bully character on Different Strokes. Some of the oldest peeps still use it and yes, it was meant to be (highly) ironic.

5. Acting on bad peer advice, the first album I ever bought was Foghat Live. Having evolved somewhat, the last album I bought was Rilo Kiley's Under the Backlight.

6. I have a slightly greater than normal fear of dog poop in the grass of public parks.

7. I am not related to Hayao Miyazaki. Or Kevin Bacon.

I won't take it personally if no one wants to play, but I hereby tag Mel Tritten, John Loomis, Thomas Broening, Claire and Jeremy Weiss, Timothy Briner, Kevin German, and Christian Patterson.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think I first saw this on Amy Stein's blog early in the year, and it finally made its way to me . . . not that I really welcomed it or anything, but I'm always up for a good distraction.

I echo your fear of dog poop in public parks, only because my brand-new dog, Boo Radley, had roundworms, which were easily treated and out of his system in a few days, but which are transmitted through poop. You have to actually eat the poop, or eat the dirt that the poop was in, which is why some kids (apparently, gross ones) are prone to infection. And believe it or not, roundworm infection can lead to blindness in humans. All of this had me worrying for a good week or so that I would go blind—such an irony for a photographer.

I just realized that I'm probably doing nothing to allay your concerns about dog poop, am I? ;-)

Timothy Briner said...

Thanks for the tag! I can't play for real..but here are seven quick ones for ya.

1. I've always secretly wanted to be tagged for this blog-letter thing (Thanks!).
2. I have a webbed toe.
3. I got a perfect score in the Math section of the Pre-SATS, my teacher thought I was a genius...I cheated.
4. I really like Kevin Costner.
5. I had a very bizarre and embarrassing crush on dominique Moceanue and Karri Strug after they won the gold medal in 1996.
6. I will eat almost anything for ten dollars.
7. I'm a dude.