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© brown cannon III

Deb Pang Davis and Mike Davis have started a new blog of photographer interviews called Raw Take. Between the two of them, they're connected to some of the best photographers working, so this promises to be a good site to bookmark. One of the nice things about an archive-type site (like The Photographs Not Taken) is that it's easy to revisit when time permits.

I shot a story in France for Deb when she was at Virtuoso Life, and she writes the blog Coco Ink. When I was in Portland this past fall, I had the chance to meet up with the two for a quick coffee.

The first interview posted is with Brown Cannon III. I'm particularly excited, since Cannon has been a mainstay in my Rock Stars bookmarks folder for quite a while. I'm not as interested in his fine art water images, but his editorial travel work is among the best there is, and it always inspires me.

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