great leap backwards

© stretch

It's a Leap Year day today, and the anniversary of a legendary swansong performance by the band, The Rawls. The year was 2000, and they had what it took: guts, fierce determination, and most importantly, a quality ink jet printer. The band got some good press on the strength of their debut, Fictitious, but in the end - dropped by their label, Wink Wink, and unpopular with most audiences - they faded to black. The final (some would argue their first) performance, the band's Last Waltz as it were, was at The Comet, a sleepy Cincinnati bar best known for raucous Kiwanis Club meetings. If you were there that night, and were one of the lucky ones to get a copy of Fictitious, hang onto it - I've seen signed copies on eBay going for small fortunes.

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