North Milwaukee Avenue Location, #1 © kjm

Wanted: Help in finding locations of abandoned fast food restaurants.
What: Only the big chains. No Brat Barns, Sub Shanties or Tofu Huts, please.
Where: Anywhere in the U.S. considered! I'm willing to travel if the location can be combined with an assignment or a visit with nearby friends (I'm likely heading to Washington state for a ripe Taco Bell and a recently shuttered Burger King).
Who: Midwestern photographer who should spend a bit more time taking pictures and a bit less time writing his blo
Why: If you tip me off to a location that I end up photographing, I'll send you a copy of my soon-to-be-released booklet of personal photos (although your time is surely worth more).

[The Burger King, above, (graffiti on the windows and yet still one light on inside!) was spotted in Chicago by photographer Michelle Nolan.]


avs said...

I'll be on the look out in Texas!

kate said...

I bet there are quite a few in the Baltimore Suburbs!