i love this photo, #19

© kevin german

I love this photo by the photographer Kevin German. German is a young photographer who recently left a newspaper job in California to freelance in Vietnam.

Describing the photo, German says, "I was in my last year of college doing an assignment for the Spokesman-Review about an organic chicken egg farm in Deary, Idaho. I got such a good vibe from the family that I drove the 5 hours back to their farm the next morning to shoot some more photos for myself. I brought only black and white film. This photograph is special to me because it was the first time that I ever shot a photograph solely for myself. I took my time and watched as Olivia chased her favorite chicken, Steve, around the farm. A strange gust of wind blew up and brought the frame together. The funny thing is that I didn't see this frame right away during the editing. I was drawn towards a different frame and couldn't let it go for some time. After a month or two, I came back to the neg sheet and clearly saw this photograph."

I think the story of this single picture says a lot about the photographer. From reading his blog, it's clear that German is passionate and deeply introspective about his photography.  That, along with hard work, enables him to create beautiful things. Lots more to come, I suspect, from farther East.


g said...

It's a really nice picture, agreed, but what is up with that kid's eyes?

Kevin said...

They're just closed - Kevin described a gust of wind coming up at the time. When I asked Kevin to send me a jpg of the image, he also sent along the contact sheet - what a treat. It's brave for one photographer to show another their outtakes...