camp home: leaving

© kjm

I'm leaving Tulelake today, heading to Seattle for an assignment. What a great week this has been. With each visit, I feel more informed about the area and it's people, and hopefully that's reflected in the pictures I'm making. I was able to fully immerse myself in the project, and that's been a real treat.

I had wonderful conversations all week - about the internment camp history, about the homesteaders' history, about farming and weather, about ancestors and grandkids. Thanks to Beverly, Kenny & Evelyn, Wendell & Lela Mae, John & Aline, Jacqui & David, Thorton, Fe & Bob, Elona, Joe, David, Louie, Jessie, Carol, Brodie, Otto & Judy, Tim, Helen, Marty, Jerry & Mary Ann, Brandon, Jerry & Elizabeth, Dave, and Bobby.

I'll be back again soon, I hope.


Matthew said...

The new Camp Home work is looking great Kevin. Any plans for another booklet or book?

Brandy Roberts said...

That's my Grandma's kitchen, I hope you enjoyed their company! Brandy

Kevin said...

Thanks! I'd love to do another booklet, but probably not for a while...