home and away

mom on the front step last summer
© kjm

Happily, I've just arrived in Florence, Italy. But it was a bit disappointing leaving home yesterday morning, as the whole family (minus Marilu) were in town. My brother, sister, their partners and my nephews all drove in to attend a golden anniversary party for our closest family friends. All the bedrooms were occupied, the refrigerator was stuffed, cards were played, and the favorite local pizza was ordered. If my dad were still alive, he would've done a much better job of parking all the cars in the driveway. Best of all, though, I think my mom was thrilled to have a full house again.


Roberta said...

Indeed she was, especially since Cheryl did the cooking!!

Edith Wagner said...

POW!! what amazing memories this generates. Pleasant Street was always such a .... well, pleasant street. No?