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I'm excited that I'll be attending the summer portfolio review at Photolucida in July. The reviewers for this particular event are all from the Northwest and West, and I'm eager to show my Camp Home series, which has its roots in the story of west coast Japanese American communities. During the war, the Tule Lake internment camp became home to residents of Washington, Oregon and California.

This will be my first review, and I'm seeking the advice of friends and beginning to prepare. Among other things, I'm printing some small books - to be able to show work more informally than the prints I'll also be bringing. This is my first attempt at books like this, and I have to say, they've been fun to design. For the most part, I'm pleased by the quality of the iPhoto books from Apple (above), but I'm thinking of trying out Blurb as well - any suggestions?


Tom Leininger said...

I have seen good results from Edition One Studios. http://www.editiononestudios.com/ps_overview.php

Also, make the prints as easy as possible to see. The less effort it takes to show the work, the more time for feedback. If you can unpack and pack quickly that helps too.

Mary Virginia Swanson has good advice on the topic.

Good Luck.


mark said...

hey kevin, these look really good. the photos look even better in book format. love the fry packages image. i hope to hear how it goes. good luck!

habitual castle-builder said...

Hey Kevin-
The books from iPhoto DO look really nice. Blurb is kinda cool but I have not published from them yet.

Important info for you!
Blurb has a contest right now called


with some really great jurors...you should check it out.

good luck at Photolucida!

Ronnie Ruiz said...

Your books look great,,, funny,,,, I was just going to ask you where you were printing and then I kept reading and you gave it up! I'm going to have to try it myself :)

Christine said...

i've used both the iphoto service and blurb for personal photos and i find the print quality a bit more consistent with the iphoto books. blurb is kind of hit or miss for me. i recently had two of the same book printed and one was spot on as far as color goes, the other was very off and very pixelated.

Christine said...

p.s i've been reading your blog for a long time now, ever since deanna at freckle face turned me on to your awesome work. her shop and my studio are to be neighbors next month! maybe i'll get to meet you one day!

Brett Kosmider said...

Kevin, if you're color profile savvy you might want to check out this link http://www.bonsai-photography.com/blurb-color-management.pdf It details how to color manage your blurb book. Even though its for Windoze the same kind of info pertains in the Mac world. I did a Blurb book for my daughter's first birthday and since I was crunched on time I simply converted each file into the sRGB color space and I'd say the results were pretty damn good!

Good luck!

Allison V. Smith said...

these books look awesome. I especially want to get my hands on the Camp book.

Waldo Oiseau said...

I haven't done iPhoto books yet, but have had good success with two Blurb books. I found the color was a touch dark both times around, but found the image quality to be very good.