Lombardi Avenue Location © kjm

Back from Michigan, where I photographed some beautiful food and local produce. The tally: 6 days, 1400 miles, 2400 photos and about 3 million cherries. At one farm I was shooting at, I mentioned sheepishly to the owner that cherries weren't my favorite food. Her reply: "Funny, you look like a normal person."

Tomorrow night, a show of my Fast Food work opens at Modified Arts, both the coolest music venue in Phoenix and a great place to show work. The owner, Kimber Lanning, is the unofficial Mayor Of All That Is Cool And Progressive in Phoenix. If you happen to be in the area, the opening is from 6-9 pm. I'll have some of my booklet/prints to peddle, and will likely be the guy who looks like he's about to pass out from the heat.

Marilu and I found the above Wendy's recently, in the shadow of my state's capital, Lambeau Field.

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