tinytinygroupshow, #6

Where were you at noon on Sunday, August 17th?

I, for one, was eating an omelette (Japanese style: onions, a little shoyu and sugar, cold rice on the side) in my mom's kitchen. I watched the clock on my phone turn to 12:00 Central Time and knew that at that moment, 11 photographers were working harder than me. Whether at home, on vacation, working in the field or watching their children - each was making a single picture to capture what they found before them.

[ tinytinygroupshow is a mini electroexhibit of photographs based around a basic theme. There are no gallery hours, price lists, commissions, lengthy wall texts or attractive gallery attendants. tinytinygroupshow is a place to have a brief look at some photography, by photographers known and unknown, in a manner that hopefully provokes a little thought. View past tinytinygroupshows here. ]

Note: you might need to click on your screen a second time to enlarge the show


Brian said...

All those shutters clicking at the same time - what a racket! Nice.

Lane said...

Fantastic images! Definitely going to check out the past group shows.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog a few months ago. It's become one of my favorite spots on the web.

Thank you.

Your Photo Tips said...

Really cool project. I've seen similar stuff around the web and love to find these types of things.

Damien Franco

mradamtoo said...

How can I be a part of the show?

ageorge said...
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ageorge said...

I was out on the 17th and wondered if I had tripped the shutter at 12 CST.

To my surprise.... (Not that this is comparable to your excellent tiny show selections)

Pensacola, FL @ 08/17/2008 12:00:04

Earl Haramaki said...

I don't know how I got to your blog and then to your site, but very cool stuff and I'm glad I found it. I liked your Home Camp images. I have yet to make the trip out to Topaz where my family was. I have been to Manzanar a few times and the first time overwhelmed me. Great work and thanks.