100 up


The show is up at MIAD and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Sonja helped me pin up the prints, and while they're a tad curled today, I think it all looks great. I gave a gallery talk today for students in the photography department, which I really enjoyed. After I explained that these pictures weren't part of my larger projects, but were created with the intention of posted them on the blog, one student asked if I considered the small c-prints more valuable or important than their online versions. What a great question, and one that I hadn't considered. My conclusion: the online versions, in all their 2d, non-handleable, 72 dpi glory. Go figure.

*Note: you might want to mute the sound on the video...


Susana said...

looks fantastic kevin! congratulations!

Stella said...

Congratulations, Kevin! Have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday!