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I'm really excited about a small show of my photographs which will be installed in a week at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. I was invited to exhibit by Sonja Thomsen, who teaches at MIAD, and since the gallery is located in the photography department, I wanted to show work that might have some relevance to the photography students there. So I'll be showing pictures that have been created since starting this blog, and will talk about how it has become a home for personal work - pictures that are created outside the boundaries of my editorial or personal project work. More often than not, they were created with the intention of posting them on the blog, so as a result, it's a source of motivation and a reason to make more pictures. Blogs mean different things to those who write them, but for me, it has been a very real element in my growth as an artist thus far.

There will be 100 small (4x5") prints, and to bring the idea full circle, I'll be giving them all away on the blog in January. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

that's a lovely idea - making work specifically for the blog - and i think i'll have to start doing the same! your show looks great wish i could see it in person - congrats!

Amy Stein said...

Sounds wonderful. I wish I could see it in person.

Alejandra said...

I think this is wonderful. I was just in the gallery here at MIAD and saw it, and came directly to your blog. I would love to send you a self addressed envelope and stamp :)

I'm very into photography, but am a painting major. I thoroughly enjoyed your c-prints. I feel sad now I missed your talk!