© jeff koehler

Even though I'd pick off the sardines, this photograph by Jeff Koehler makes me hungry. Jeff is an American food writer, cookbook author and photographer based in Barcelona. We've worked together on travel stories in Spain, and it's a treat to both travel and eat with Jeff. He really knows his way around the Spanish kitchen.

Closer to home, I was in Detroit this week, and though it was a quick trip, I have three new culinary bookmarks: Slow's Bar Bar BQ, Avalon International Breads, and Supino Pizzeria.


Romain said...

Good choices for food in the D. Supino Pizzeria is my favorite pizza in town and Slows is too easy to resist, just 5 minutes from my house!

Kevin said...

I was thinking I'd call you, but I was really tight on time and had lots of things to shoot. Next time, we'll meet up for a slice at Supino's...