within reach: to/from

packing peanuts © kjm

Things that landed on my doorstep in just three days:

1. Pina Zangaro portfolio books and pages
2. Red River Arctic Polar Satin inkjet paper
3. Epson inks from Calumet Photographic
4. Katherine Kiviat's book, Women of Courage
5. 16' firewire extension cords
6. C-prints from West Coast Imaging
7. Huey Pro monitor calibrator
8. Black & Decker one-cup coffeemaker

[within reach is a series of photographs examining the environment of home in detail]


Tom Jones said...

lovely blog. I really like your photos. The burnt cookie is ace!

Looking forward to seeing more..

SuzieCee said...

wow, you live a very rich mail order (internet?) life. I'm envious.