Review Santa Fe is quickly approaching, and I've been scrambling to get ready, in the midst of a bunch of travel. Prints from the lab? Check. Replacement for (oddly) missing portfolio box received? Check. Blurb books printed? Check. Travel reservations confirmed? Check. Breath mints? Check.

The fun part has now started, as the list of 100 participants has been posted. There are so many photographers I wasn't familiar with, which is exciting. And I'm looking forward to meeting people who's work I admire, but have only met through email (above, from top left): Kurt Tong, Jeffris Elliot, Aline Smithson, Dave Jordano, Elizabeth Fleming, Amy Eckert and Meggan Gould.

Representing the great state of Wisconsin will be Sonja Thomsen, reviewer Wally Mason and Flak captain/reviewer Andy Adams.

Will you be there? If so, I'll be the short Asian guy who looks a little nervous and giddy.


Fraction Magazine said...

Be sure to say hello. I will try to find you too. (david bram)

Aline said...

Hi Kevin:
Look for the Bates Motel bedroom slippers...can't wait to meet you!