tinytinygroupshow, #8

Adam Bell
Evan Baden
Céline Clanet
Caleb Cole
Kevin Cooley
Juliane Eirich
Whitney Hubbs
Noah Kalina
Amanda Kirkpatrick
Astrid Kruse Jensen
Marten Lange
Sebastian Lemm
Joshua Lutz
Jonathan Smith
Will Steacy
Sarah Stolfa
Michael Vahrenwald
Hannah Whitaker
Sarah Wilmer
David Wolf

[ tinytinygroupshow is a mini electroexhibit of photographs based around a basic theme. There are no gallery hours, lengthy wall texts, plastic-coated price lists, or attractive gallery attendants. tinytinygroupshow is a 72 dpi place for a brief, and hopefully thought-provoking look at some beautiful photography. View past shows here. ]

Note: you might need to click on your screen a second time to enlarge the show

1 comment:

Caleb Cole said...

Fantastic work, Kevin!