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I'm really happy to be part of Photo-Op, the upcoming annual group show at Photographic Center Northwest. The show includes work by 20 photographers (links below), and was juried by Jen Bekman. It's been a goal of mine to show work from the Camp Home series in the West and Northwest - and this is particularly special, since my father was living in Tacoma, Washington, when he was sent to Tule Lake.

Photo-Op, Photographic Center Northwest
Opening Friday, July 17, following a 7:00pm lecture by Jen Bekman, Curating & Collecting Contemporary Photography, at the Seattle Art Museum.

Artists: Jowhara Alsaud, Andrea Bakacs, Mary Ellen Bartley, Katie Baum, Magda Biernat, Colin Blakely, Tim Carpenter, Onejoon Che, Thomas Holton, Stephanie Kirk, Brian Knappenberger, Alex Leme, James Luckett, Liz Obert, Colleen Plumb, Shawn Records, Tom Reese, Andy Reynolds, Rebecca Sittler, Lacey Terrell, and Ian Whitmore.

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