taste of memory

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My brother recently gave me a stainless steel water canister, which along with being quite stylish, has probably already saved the planet of about 100 plastic water bottles. I've been using it lately to save iced coffee in the fridge, but yesterday called it back into service and filled it with water. After a shoot in Chicago, I took a drink, and the water had a very slight coffee taste. It instantly brought me back to the taste of water from my dad's red Thermos cup, handed carefully to me by my mom on a family trip. My spot in our green station wagon was front and center (can you say projectile?), while my brother and sister fought over vinyl territory in the back seat. I think the family vacations were fresh in my mind, as the subjects I had just photographed were a family from Chicago, who'd spent the last 5 months touring the country.

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Marika said...

My ultra-agreeable youngest sister was forever relegated to the middle seat in our station wagon. She was the neutral party in all sisterly disputes (and maybe still is). Hooray for the peaceable middle seated!