© Erik Lunsford

This has been the best year for Fall color that I can remember in a long time. A week ago, I drove through the curves of State Route 394 in Eastern Ohio, with my hands on the wheel and my jaw in my lap. Back in Milwaukee, I've been staring - up at trees, out my office window at sun shining through leaves, at yellow maples illuminated by streetlights, and at wet, slick color smeared on the road. And I've made no pictures to capture what I'm experiencing.

Slightly frustrated, I found these two winners by the St. Louis photographer Erik Lunsford, whose work and blog I find refreshing. When I worked at a newspaper, I never took time to make pictures like this.


peter hoffman said...

It really has been a mind-blowing fall. I bet Ohio was great. The Eastern part is the best and I know I'm missing something great out there...but I've just picked up some film, hopefully it's ok.

Kevin J. Miyazaki said...

I was in Hocking Hills, your old stomping grounds, correct? Beautiful country.