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Just Before Zenya
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I heard an interesting interview with the photographer Judith Fox today on Fresh Air. In her book, I Still Do: Loving and Living with Alzheimer's, Fox has made beautiful, intimate photographs of her husband as he suffers through the disease. It made me realize that I haven't made many meaningful pictures of those closest to me. I've never found it easy, but that isn't really an excuse, is it? This picture, of my brother Kurt and his wife Ruth, may be an exception.


Channing said...

Amen. And a wonderful, simple, important picture, Kevin.

troyfreund said...

I heard that interview too. Must have been a heart-breaking project. I tell many of my students that photographing their near-and-dear is supremely important, hard to do and often won't be fully appreciated for years. Anyway, good job on making an important photo of your near-and-dear.