i love this photo, #36

© Shawn Gust

I love this photo by the photographer Shawn Gust. It comes from his series, the dream of becoming King, and of the image, Shawn says, "...the iconic Cadillac emblem seemed to almost project it's luster on the garage door. It seemed the perfect analogy to illustrate the fading of a "glitter and gold" ideal."

And here's his artist statement about the project:

The Cadillac. A symbol of luxury and status in the United States for decades. The American Dream. With society, the economy, and many of the planet's natural environments in jeopardy of all but vanishing before our eyes, so too is The American Dream.

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Saed Hindash said...

Brings back memories of my grandparents car. It was same color and model. pretty image. Thanks Kev for posting it.