i love this photo, #37

© Roderik Henderson

I love this photo by the photographer Roderik Henderson. It comes from Henderson's series, Transvoid, for which he recently won a World Press Photo award. Henderson describes the series below.

Transvoid is a series of portraits of individuals sheltering in their vehicles at snow covered parking lots in British Columbia. Together with my family, I lived in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada for some years. A place without grocery stores, electricity, phone, television or neighbors. Weeks would pass without seeing anyone. We became a crowd of four when our baby Sid was born. To get to the nearest town, we drove almost three hours one way through mud, snow or ice.

I started photographing other people who had to spent lots of time in their vehicles. A Native family from a first nations reserve going to town on Friday. A priest giving a sermon in a small church in a remote valley. A couple who couldn’t afford the rent of their apartment anymore and were now actually living in their car. A guy slowly dying on a parking lot. A guy traveling to see his sick brother on the other side of the continent.

The time spent waiting interests me, the void between point of departure and destination. In Transvoid, I regard the vehicles as solitary domains in time and space.

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Marilu Knode said...

This puts cars into an even more interesting perspective.

M A Hartong said...

& congrats on speaking engagement for WNPA. Have a blast!