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Thank you to Pete Brook, who recently discussed my Camp Home project and the Tule Lake internment camp on his blog, Prison Photography. I'm also grateful to Pete for his Facebook page link to this World Press Photos talk by Eugene Richards. It's a bit long, so watch it in bits and pieces, as I did, or settle in with a favorite beverage. Richards' work is so compelling and thoughtful - and the structure/composition of his photographs is remarkable. In his talk, he discusses the subjects in the photo above, which I have to say is one of the most memorably powerful pictures I've ever encountered. I saw it (15?) years ago, as a double-truck in Life Magazine, and it simply blew me away. In the documentary realm, photos from Larry Towell's book The Mennonites had the same impact at first view, as did Duane Michals' This Photograph is My Proof.

It's great when a photo stops you in your tracks, but even better when it stays with you.

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troyfreund said...

Gonna have to check that talk out. Sounds interesting. Have always been blown away by Richards' work. "We, Americans", "Knife and Gun Club", "Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue", geesh, all of 'em---heavy work. Thanks for the reminder to learn more and be inspired by him.