irish gig

mom on the beach in Kona, around 1955

In our family, we tell stories about the hams on my mom's father's side of the family, and it's by no means a criticism. There's a respected entertaining chutzpah that runs throughout, and my mom is no exception. When she was in her 20's, she taught the hula to young girls in Hawaii. This week, she performed for an Irish American club in Milwaukee, which was having their annual party with a Hawaiian theme. By all accounts, she was a hit, performing a few single numbers and then teaching the group how to do the hukilau. When I arrived to pick her up, the club didn't seem to want to let her go.


Diane B. said...

I *love* this photo! And I love the idea of your sweet mom teaching Hawaiian dance.

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome photo. Was it in good condition or did you have to do some "touch ups"?

Steve P.